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Think Global, But Local - Green Life Bazar is a curated marketplace that promotes and sells sustainable products from passionate naturepreneurs based in the Himalayas. We are your partners in your journey to a healthier, happier and natural lifestyle.

Email if you are a supplier of organic produce, a natural food innovator, a farmer’s or producer’s cooperative, or a promoter of ancient food and farm practices, Artisan or producer of homemade natural products and would like to get your product on our shelves.

Benefits for Green Life Sellers

  • We empower local farmers, vendors, manufacturers and artisans that produce natural, chemical-free products made with passion and purpose from the remotest regions of the Himalaya.

  • We present your brand, your products ,and your story to consumers globally through our website, pr platforms and social media channels.

  • Unlike unsustainable discount-focused, most e-commerce portals which only give transactions, we offer our vendors scalable sales and sticky customers.

  • Focused Customers

    - Looking for Natural & Sustainable Products

    - Aged between 20-60 Years (M:F)

    - High Ratio of Repeat-Purchases

  • Seamless Payment Methods

    - 100% Safe and Secure Transaction

    - Quick Payment for Orders via best Payment Gateways

    - Robust Technology to Manage Product Listing and Orders

  • Media, PR & Marketing Support

    - Digital Marketing & Promotions

    - Engagements in ATL & BTL Activities

    - Product Performance Reviews and Updates

  • Brand & Seller Profiling

    - Your Dedicated Seller Page (live soon)

    - Your Brand Story & Creative Narration

    - Professional & Natural Product Photoshoot

  • Meaningful Relationships

    - On-time Payments

    - On-time Query Resolution

    - Dedicated Support for Sellers Product and Tips for Success

  • What Products can you sell

    - Environmental friendly & Chemical-free

    - Organic & Natural Food

    - Handmade & Handicraft goods

    - Sustainable Products for Daily/Household Use

    - Natural Products for Personal Use

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