Why Organic?

Green Life Bazar consolidates a handpicked and long list of natural/organic/handmade products from India that are grown locally across the Indian Himalayan regions.

By choosing organic, you are choosing in a greener future for your generations. When we switch to natural products and organic foods, we are consciously creating and supporting production, processing and distribution chain which are both ecologically and socially responsible.

A few of many benefits of switching to organic foods and natural products are –

  • Helps prevent pollution and climate change

  • It is Sustainable and Promotes Biodiversity: Organic farming promotes animal welfare and biodiversity by using crop rotation and avoiding the use of genetically modified organisms. The lack of pesticide use helps attract new or re-colonizing species to the organic area and organisms beneficial to the organic system, such as pollinators and pest predators.

  • Organic food intake is the testimony of the older generation’s immunity over the years. Modern day chemical farming does not only boost food production but diseases and disorders too.

  • Organic food produce is tastier and has healthier nutritive value: Organic food being natural, whole and unrefined, retains more nutrients than conventionally produced food.

  • Organic products are not only pesticide-free, additive-free, chemical-free, also free from genetically modified organisms and preservatives.

Natural Farming v/s Industrial Farming

Organic agriculture uses lesser energy and avoids water pollution by toxic fertilisers and pesticides. Besides this, it also mitigates the greenhouse effect through its ability to sequester carbon in the soil. Many management practices used by organic agriculture increase the return of carbon to the soil, raising productivity and favouring carbon storage.

The organic food produce contains minerals, nutrients and medicinal properties attached to it unlike the modern day farming where in the produce contains the chemicals of pesticides and fertilizers.

Organic Farming is The Way!

  • Organically grown produce is raised in organic farms where the soil is not treated with chemicals, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Rather they are grown following sustainable practices and natural organic manure or the Panchagavya are used for cultivation.

  • The farming and production of organic foods and products revolve around local natural ecosystems and cycles. Modern studies and practices have helped fine-tune natural farming practices to produce quality end product.

  • Farms are carefully nurtured to maintain and increase fertility of the land, and lessen carbon impact on the natural systems. Contrary to common belief, organic farmers take a scientific approach and work side-by-side with the natural world.

  • Organic farming is a proactive and preemptive approach to prevent the negative effects of agricultural interventions on the agro-ecosystem. It uses natural fertilizers and practices like crop rotation, intercropping and natural fertilizers, thereby improving soil structure.

What Does Organic Mean?

‘Organic food’ is food that has been produced without the use of artificial chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones. These additives are harmful not just to our bodies but also extremely toxic to the planet.

Organic vegetables and organic fruits may appear dull and not glossy but they are fresh from the farm. Yes the organic greens might have holes because a bug might have relished it because it’s free from chemicals and pesticides.

Hence the crop yield is lesser and organic food becomes expensive because the yield is less and the cost is also more for the yield cultivated. But you gain the most by consuming organic/natural food as organic produce and natural products are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins in its original form that is easily embraced by your body. So you gain health the real wealth! You are free from toxic substances and protecting the environment.

Put simply, because it is in its purest form as given by nature. If health is your priority – Switch over to a nature-based lifestyle and organic foods today!