Why GreenLife?

In its first year, Green Life has successfully developed a Trust among its customers about the products we sell through our retail windows in Mussoorie and now online through our website GreenLifeBazar.In

With our consistent efforts in a short period of time, we have created Green Life Bazar as a niche for certified organic and nature-based brands offering products across a wide range of categories between Natural, Organic and Handmade products. We offer products across food, clothing, cosmetics, health and wellness products with shipping all over India.

We are working actively to explore new markets and having meaningful engagement with potential customers across the country. With our experience and knowledge-base in organic industry and use of technology, we shall be focusing on our unique Franchise Model that empowers local entrepreneurs and global expansion through our online marketplace.


Our Products

300+ Curated products | 20+ Nature-based Brands | 10+ Categories

Our products are natural, sustainable, not easily available elsewhere, and enhance the well-being and social currency of today’s discerning consumer. We achieve it through our stellar network of local business partners, farmers, craftsmen and artisans .

Niche Marketplace

Think Global, Buy Local. We’re a curated marketplace for sustainable products from the Himalayas that curates both at the Partner as well as the Product level.

Hands-on Photographs

No white background images. Now understand the product in a real-life environment. Our in-house photography helps you see and feel the product, almost like you were holding it yourself.

Trustworthy Relationships

Self-sustaining, local/global marketplace that is built on quality and reliability. We ensure we know all our vendors personally and visit their farms and stores frequently to maintain our levels of trust which we further extend to the consumer with our endorsement.

Vendor Profiling

Meet the farmers, discover the people behind the products you use and learn what inspired them.

Trust, Integrity & Reliability

With more than 5 years of experience in the area of sustainable products for daily use, we have been able to develop some strong systems and guidelines to list products on the Green Life Bazar website. Hence, ensuring to showcase high quality products that you can trust. We also aim to deal openly and honestly with our customers, giving you clear and transparent information about our products and services to build your trust.

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